Pallet Business Association of the  Philippines

  • c/o Dumagat Ventures Ent. Inc. Bagong Silang, Cabuyao agnuna, Philippines, 4025
  • phap_info@yahoo.com
  • +63-49-531-0566
Vice Chairwoman – Xenia Afable-Gabayan,  Plant Manager, DUMAGAT VENTURES ENT.  INC

Philippines | Pallet Business Association of the Philippines (PBAP)


  1. To enhance better quality standards that will make Philippine made pallets globally competitive.
  2. To continually educate users and pallet makers on the new developments and technologies of the pallet  industry.
  3. To act as the official body in presenting and resolving issues involving government agencies like DENR, DTI, BOI  and LGU’s and others.
  4. To develop goodwill, united fellowship, understanding and cooperation among its members.
  5. To foster high value professionalism among its members.
  6. To protect the interest of the members against unlawful business practices of non-member pallet manufacturers  or users.
  7. To act as the administrative body in ensuring compliance and adherence to all government policies and  requirements.
  8. To act as the official body that will coordinate and work with international pallet associations in relation to  global use and distribution of pallets.
  9. To serve as venue for discussing various issues affecting pallet business.
  10. To actively work towards environmental friendly policies / objectives such as reforestation and recycling.