Korea Pallet Container Association

  • 173 Dohwa-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul, Korea
  • +82-2-715-1281~2
  • +82-2-715-1283
Honorary Chairman – Byong-Yoon SUH
Vice chairman – Kyong-Ho LEE
Executive director – Eun-Kew PARK
Secretary General – Jae Kyun EOM

Korea | Korea Pallet and Container Association

The purpose of the organization

  1. Expanding the supply of standard pallets & containers
  2. Improving the technology for manufacturing and producing pallets & containers
  3. Enhancing the quality of pallets and containers
  4. Raising the usage and management level of pallets and containers
  5. Promoting international cooperation in the sector of pallets and containers
  6. Taking the initiative in building a ”resource circulation society”through the implementation of the voluntary  agreement on collecting and recycling of plastic pallets & containers