History of APSF & ULS School
APSF General Meeting & Education for Unit Load System in Asia

Asia Pallet System Federation APSF was initiated by participating experts from China, Japan and Korea at the 1st Northeast Logistics Seminar for Standard Cooperation, in 2003 in Beijing. The draft of APSF regulation and pallet standard had been developed through the series of expert meetings in Seoul, 2004 and in Beijing, Fukuhoka in 2005. Finally APSF had its inaugural meeting on 9 June, 2006 at Tokyo, with 6 member countries including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines. Mr. Kazuo OKADA, chairman of Japan Pallet Association, was elected as the first chairman of APSF in inaugural meeting. Mr. Hiroji FUKUMOTO was the first Secretary General.

1. The General Meeting for Establishment of APSF at Tokyo 2006

2. The 2nd General Meeting at Bangkok / Thailand 2007

3. The 1st Education for Unit Load System at Bangkok 2007

In July 4th, 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam, Mr. Byong Yoon SUH, Korea, the second chairman of APSF made the following statement at the third general meeting: "APSF has created on the belief that Asia integrated logistics system would be implemented by moving pallets system automaticity without imposing tax when import and expert in Asia and I would fully support to make this agenda in reality.“ Dr. Jae Kyun EOM was elected as the second Secretary General.

APSF has organized with 7 representative members at 4th general meeting in Kuala Lumpur, where Vietnam's proposal to join ASPF as a representative member was accepted,

4. The 2nd Education for Unit Load System at Hanoi 2008

5. The 3rd General Meeting at Hanoi / Vietnam 2008

6. The 3rd Education for Unit Load System at Kuala Lumpur 2009

7. The 4th General Meeting at Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia 2009

In this meeting, APSF has officially announced to fully support "Okayama Declaration on Logistics Ministerial Meeting of China-Japan-Korea" on May 17 2008. APSF, which has been recognized as the sole international organization, would initiatively participate to implement for "the standardization of logistics equipments“ regarding to action plans for 12 implementation tasks in Okayama Declaration. In March 2008 APSF officially proposed to Ministerial Conference of Maritime Transport and Logistics of three nations; China, Japan, and Korea to implement an action plan specifically for the "Returnable Pallet and Container Pool System" in this region. This issue has been included in the action plan of standardization of logistics equipments in "Okayama Declaration for Logistics Cooperation in Northeast Asia."

8. The 4th Education for Unit Load System at Jakarta 2010

9. The 5th General Meeting at Jakarta / Indonesia 2010

10. The 6th APSF General Meeting at New Delhi / India 2011

11. The 5th Education for Unit Load System at New Delhi 2011