Welcome to APSF

APSF was founded on June 6, 2006 in Tokyo by visionary leaders from the Asia pallet community.

My name is Naomi Kano, and I was appointed as the new chairperson by resolution of the 15th APSF General Assembly. I would like to express my deep appreciation to everyone in our member countries in each region for the work that you do towards pallet standardization and the promotion of logistical efficiency.

Since the founding of the APSF 15 years ago, our activities have allowed us to gain a deeper mutual understanding of the current state of logistics and pallet use in our member countries as well as the social, economic, and cultural factors behind this. This is a very important foundation for moving forward with unity as one organization, and I am very happy that we have been able to continuously carry out these activities.

There is growing uncertainty in the world in recent years, and some say that this trend will continue going into the future; and, the pandemic caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus is further accelerating this uncertainty. The disease caused by this tiny, invisible virus has been named COVID-19, and it has revealed the fragility of the global supply chain.

We benefit from the global supply chain—from the supply side to the consumption side; and, we have worked through careful review and deliberation on how to provide pallets and related services to make it run more efficiently. I am positive that we can use our experience and cooperative spirit nurtured over the past 15 years to handle this uncertainty and to support the re-building of a more resilient supply chain across Asia.

I offer the following three specific points to overcome this uncertainty: - Promote the use of standardized pallets - Build a platform for pallet management that uses digital technology - Create sharing rules for pallets based on the above

As you may be aware, the United Nations has been ringing the alarm on a number of disruptive crises around the world, including human disasters related to climate change, geopolitical tensions, and the spread of economic inequality, yet the partnerships and unity of countries will always be necessary for international logistics.

Let us at the ASPF continue to have faith in the potential of the pallet as a tool for enriching lives around the world and contributing to global partnerships and unity, to advance the integration and efficiency of logistics in Asia, and to confidently stride forward to achieving the maximum value of logistics.

Thank you for your hard work.

Chairman of APSF

Naomi Kano


Welcome to APSF

The purpose of the organization is to enhance the member countries' logistics service efficiency by means of pallet standardization. and unit load systems, to reduce the logistics expenses by facilitating the mutual usage of pallets and related systems, saving natural resources and promoting environments. APSF is a non-profit organization and international federation of national pallet associations and corporations. Primary activities of the organization today are to promote education through meetings, special activities and publications, including this web site to sponsor an Asia Unit Load School program and to facilitate contact and exchange among the various national institutes of pallets and logistics.

As honorary chairman of APSF, I will do my utmost to help APSF contribute to the synergy effect of "collaboration policies" by expanding member countries including Singapore and Australia, connecting APSF with related international organizations, and embracing industries, associations and markets. I will help APSF efficiently link various functions and subjects related to pallet standardization, such as planning, marketing and regulation, thereby becoming a vital center for establishing the Asia integrated Logistics system. APSF makes its best efforts to create a business-friendly environment. by reinforcing support for pallet standardization activities for members.

We sincerely hope that all visitors our website is the open place where all members are always welcomed. Thank you.

Honorary Chairman of APSF

Byong Yoon Suh