China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing 

  • Room 1509, Block C, Henghua International  Building, No.26, Yuetan North Street,  Xicheng District, Beijing, China
  • +86-10-82381885
Chairman – Qingyi Wu
Vice Chairman – Tony Sun 
Adviser – Zengrong Ma
Deputy Secretary General – Ying Tang

China | China Pallet Committee, under China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

The purpose of the organization

The Pallet Professional Committee (hereinafter refer to“Pallet Committee”) was established under China Federation  of Logistics & Purchasing,which is the only representative organization for pallet industry in China.
The Pallet Committee also performs as the secretariat to the pallet subcommittee of the national standardization technical committee (SAC/TC269/SC2).

The main aim of the Pallet Committee is to extensively organize and unite the enterprises engaged in the  production, utilization and research of pallets and the professional individuals engaged in the research of pallets under  the guidance of the relevant general and specific policies of the state and to promote the technology application and  collaborations among the industry players and realize the standardization in China logistics industry.