Association of Indonesia Wood Packaging  Service (AIWPS)

  • Gedung Agnesia Lt. 5 Rom 502 JI. Pemuda 73B, Jakarta
  • +62-21-4788-1997
Vice Chairman – Budijani SANJATA, Chairman of AIWPS

Indonesia | Association of Indonesia Wood Packaging Service (AIWPS)

Location | Gedung Agnesia Lt. 5 Rom 502 JI. Pemuda 73B, Jakarta 
TEL | + 62-21-4788-1997
E-mail |

The purpose of establishment

  1. Encouraging participation in developing entrepreneurship spirit among members.

  2. Fostering, advancing and developing members into a professional, strong and sustainable company in the field  of pallet industry.

  3. Participate in the implementation of government programs and contribute to the success of development  programs towards the creation of more efficient logistics and supply chain.

  4. As a forum for members to communicate in relation with pallet industry issues.